We believe in openly speaking about mental health, trauma,
human rights, and professional challenges.
What is a lemon?
A lemon is something that you are struggling with.
It can come in any shape or size, but it sure is sour.
This is a loving community full of women turning lemons into lemonade.
What if I don't have a lemon?
You can join even when your life is sweet.
We love to have lemonade-making wizards to support the community.
Regardless, we'll be here for whenever you get stuck.
"We all need support from one another.
With Lemonaid, we can speak freely with no judgement, and somehow make the world a better place.
We are not supposed to handle life on our own."

-Miley Citrus
How it works
Until yesterday I thought I was the only one struggling with this and knowing there is a way out gives me hope and strength. I'm so grateful that I have a safe space like this where I can talk about all this without feeling shame.
-Main Squeeze
Thank you so so so much for your encouragement and for pushing me to reach out and be confident in myself. After months of being unfulfilled in my office environment, I made a change and just got a new job! You really do know how to make Lemonaid.
We have groups to share the sweet and the sour sides of life.
You can start your own batch at any point.
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Kelly's boyfriend hit her today. She is ashamed to even tell her friends and doesn't know what to do. She logs on to Lemonaid and is instantly connected with Queen_Zest in the #domestic-abuse group. Queen_Zest left an abusive relationship 5 years ago and talks lovingly with Kelly to share specific resources, advice and hope to guide her out of this dangerous relationship.
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