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Lemonaid is an anonymous Slack group
for people around the world who idenitify as women.

Mental Health

We are not therapists, we are women like you. We are here to listen, not judge. This is a safe space to share your vulnerabilities.


From venting about breakups to getting advice on how to handle family troubles- we're here for you.


Stay accountable for your goals and habits. Set weekly goals, 3 month visions, and annual priorities.


Share you experience and advice with other women on salary negotiation, professional development, imposter syndrome, and more

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We Love You Already

When life gives you lemons, find support to make lemonade. Join a community of strong, powerful humans who identify as women. No judgement - just love.

What is a lemon?

A lemon is something that you are struggling with. It can come in any shape or size, but it sure is sour. This is a loving community full of women turning lemons into lemonaid.

What if I don't have a lemon?

You can join even when your life is sweet. We love to have lemonaid-making wizards to support the community. Regardless, we'll be here for whenever you get stuck.



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